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About MySoccerSMS

MySoccerSMS keeps you intouch with your favorite football clubs and national teams, with a worldwide coverage of all leagues and other football competitions in all the continents of the world.

MySoccerSMS serves you daily football news on breaking news of your favorite clubs and national team news, giving you the news as it breaks and putting you in the first to know

MySoccerSMS Keeps you intouch with your teams with news alerts as the news breaks from your clubs and teams with LiveScores, Fixtures, Tables, Head to Head statistics and other statistical contents that are useful for betting on games.

How To Subscribe

For News Alert: Text your clubName to 38045 to create your profile

For LiveScores: Text the clubName to 38045 at any minute of the game, even for clubs that are not on your profile

To Confirm any latest news about any player, coach or club,including players and coaches outside your club profile Text the Name to 38045